Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dog Therapy: Our bestfriends can heal us, too!

Every time I see images and videos of heartwarming stories about people being saved, helped or assisted by their therapy dogs, it always makes me feel good.
And because we have a very friendly three-year-old Golden Retriever, Rikki, we had always played around with the idea of turning our dog into a therapy dog.
You see, it is already a sort of a therapy just having our dog around. It was the thought of having another dog that healed my family’s great sadness after having had to leave our very first dog in the Philippines when we moved back to Germany.
My two young daughters ‘suffered’ badly. They missed our first dog so much, one cried herself to sleep almost every night while hugging a look-alike stuffed dog.
My other daughter embraced her longing for the dog in silence. We would find her sleeping surrounded mostly by her assortment of doggie stuffed toys. She has collected more than a dozen of them and called them all the same ‘Candy.’ The name of the dog we had to leave behind.

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