Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Caravan: Adria Altea 562PK

Remember last month we were contemplating on buying our own caravan/motor home? Well, here's the result.

It was not an easy decision but we simply cannot control the rising enthusiasm and so we went for it! After all, dreaming the impossible doesn't always mean it won't come true, right? Thanks to a friend who's business is caravaning, who pointed us to the right direction.
Adria Altea 562PK
It was a challenge looking for the 'best' caravan/motor home for our family. But when we found it, we all fell immediately in love!

Admittedly, it was my thoughts about savings and my inherent nose for bargains that made me go for the cheaper one with almost the same features. My family managed to persuade me just because it was a three against one decision :-)

Now, presenting our Wohnwagen (caravan) in photos -- Adria Altea 562PK

Adria Altea 562PK
The double bed is big enough for my husband and I, and our dog, of course.

Bunk bed for the girls, something that they are really happy to have!

The kitchen: three gas burner, microwave oven, sink, and ref with enough cupboard and shelves. 
The dining table (which when folded could offer another double bed),
 the throw pillows are also part of the accessories.
The roomy toilet and bathroom
Of course, it took sometime to have everything ready including the awning, gas cylinders, security caps, and other accessories but we enjoyed every minute. It's our second home :-)

Now we are ready, almost ready for our first trip. We can't wait!

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