Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Celebration 2014 in Italy

It's not only IC's birthday, we also celebrated Easter during our camping in Italy.

And despite being away from home, traditions would remain traditions, like having dyed eggs!

Two days before Easter Sunday, my husband and the girls spent a few hours boiling, dying and painting eggs. I brought the dyes and the paints as I know that they would be looking forward to this yearly activity.

And the result? See the photo below. If there's a will, there's colored eggs!

Colored eggs for Easter
A day before Easter Sunday was stormy. My husband and I spent a lot of time outside, trying to keep our awning's posts from being torn by the wind! And then we also took time to fix the awning so that water won't seep inside! We refilled our empty plastic water bottles and used them as weights to keep our awning in place.

See those water bottles? They were great support from keeping our awning from flying with the wind!
Meanwhile, the girls refused to leave our pitch and got busy reading their books or challenging the laptop with a game of chess.

Playing chess
The Saturday before Easter Sunday was spent mostly inside the caravan.
That same night, the girls secretly stashed their Easter gifts for us in our designateed 'dining table'. Nope, we are not allowed to take a peek!

Our Easter Sunday breakfast table
Early Sunday morning, I secretly added more Easter surprises, not to mention, I hid some egg surprises around our pitch, too. I'm glad that the sun greeted us that same morning, too. Still, we had to stay at home as we were not able to book a restaurant. We've decided to go for an Easter Monday dinner celebration so as not to disappoint the girls.

Easter Sunday breakfast celebration
I managed to find creative hiding places for  a dozen eggs in our mini-kitchen/dining room and the girls, as usual, had fun finding them. This time, I had to keep the chocolate eggs out of our dog's reach and that made not only egg hunting, but also hiding the eggs, a bit challenging

Exchanging gifts during Easter is also a tradition in our family. In Germany, Easter is considered a second Christmas, therefore, and a much-awaited time of the year.

We had fun this Easter Sunday, though I waited for someone from the camping ground's animators to call for an egg hunting with the kids but it didn't come. I guess they were not keen in celebrating Buona Paqua with the whole camping guests at Camping Continental in Italy.

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