Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Your Quirk Quotient

Always neat and proper
What is your quirk quotient?
 I googled the phrase on top and what do you know, I got all kinds of hits.
Quirk quotients for picking up the latest styles and trends, quirk quotients to explore the wacky side of life, quirk quotients to keep one creative, quirk quotients to have a modern home, quirk quotients to keep up with the Kardashians ( ok, the last one I just made up J)…
It seemed most of the articles that focused on quirk quotient talked about the list of how to have a wonderful lifestyle, to be popular, to be creative, to be stylish, to be, you know, up there being loved by everyone because of your quirkiness made you special. Well, that could be.
But I would rather talk about the quirky side of the quirk quotient. Nope, we won’t choose between what is good or bad. There would be no positive or negative. There would be no do’s and don’t’s. I simply wanted to explore on personality quirks, which could be someone’s pet peeve, or anybody’s chance to show off his cute character or somebody’s else’s special way or but could also be on everybody’s list of irritating things they encounter daily or some quirks could also indicate a medical condition.
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