Saturday, April 5, 2014

Our First Caravan Trip: Campingplatz Kleinenzhof in Schwarzwald (Black Forest)

To try-out all the functions of our new caravan, we've decided to drive to Campingplatz Kleinenzhof in Schwarzwald (Black Forest) one weekend.

The main function of the drive to the camping area is to check if everything is working properly-- the toilet and shower, the electric switches and plugs, the gas cyclinder, the lights, the ref, the burner oven and the tap. We also wanted to make sure that the grill oven we bought would be grilling and the awning would have all the parts to be installed properly. What else? We wanted to know if we could have missed something that we would surely need during long trips.

We were lucky that we chose a sunny weekend, although it was real cold at night. That's an excuse to check if the heater is working!

Most important, I wanted to know how my husband would handle driving a caravan. I want to be assured that everything would be safe.

That's the reason why we ended up at Camping Kleinenzhof in Schwarzwald (Black Forest), and I supposed, it was a lucky choice, too.

Camping Kleinenzhof is a clear choice because they accept dogs (a number one in our checklist); and because they have an indoor pool (a number one in our girls' checklist), plus an outdoor pool for spring/summer use, too. Also, because they are open all-year round. Other camping areas in Germany are still closed at this time of the year.

Here are some photos of Camping Kleinenzhof.

One of the playgrounds
The buildings house the activity/leisure area and sanitary areas including the bathrooms, the toilets, the wash rooms.
It is also where the hotel rooms, indoor pool and the restaurant is located. The outdoor pool is right beside the building on the far right, too.

The unisex toilet on the right side 
The unisex bathroom on the left side
Pitch areas near the playground and sorrounded by the clear stream.
A small bridge that would bring you to the wood.
The stream, the bridge and the nearby wood.
Trees, trees, trees
An early morning walk with Rikki in the wood. 
We discovered this sports area for football, basketball, etc. and located beside it is another playground.
I love the morning sun, the morning stillness, the morning walk.
Sanitary area near the entrance.
All unisex
The reception area, where you would find a list for your daily breakfast bread rations.
The supermarket,  where you could pick up your bread rations from 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.
You would also find snack and other food items here, aside from the usual camping knick-knacks.
The road to the hotel and restaurant

No caption needed :-)
The outdoor pool is open from May to September.
The indoor pool has this particular schedule:
Adults 7 - 8 p.m.
Children 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. / 3:00 - 5 p.m.
A wet playground near the deer enclosure.
The kids would also have the chance to feed the goats and pet the rabbits.
And they have a charming house pet, a beagel.
The coffee shop/restaurant

The Black Forest
My husband found this corner inside the reception area filled with different kinds of schapps.
We decided to try them, of course.
The family owned distillery could be visited every Thursday from 4-5 p.m. 
My favorite is this Kirscheierlik├Âr (Cherry egg liqueur) although I also tries something with honey.
My husband loved the popular Williams Christbirne (Williams Christ Pear) and Kirschwasser (Cherry).
We fell in love with Camping Kleinenzhof because the service is friendly and helpful. The management even helped us push our caravan into our chosen pitch during our first day; and during our departure, fellow campers enthusiastically offered their help, too.

I love the fact that the dogs are welcome. Of course, it could be loud and chaotic when they would be meeting and sniffing each other for the first time, but as long as they could be controlled, the dogs are welcomed and loved.

I love the cleanliness of the sanitary areas, the spacious playgrounds, the opportunity to walk in the woods, and the sound of the stream. They have programs for winter and summer sports, too.

I am sure she would hate me for divulging this, but my little girl cried buckets of tears as she pleaded with her Papa to please let's stay one more night. She promised to wake up early so they they'd be in time for school the next day, too. Not possible, though.

We felt immediately at home in Camping Kleinenzhof. We would be coming back this June and we can't wait!

Camping Kleinenzhof contact details:
Tel: 0049- (0)7081 - 3435
Kleinenzhof 1 · D-75323 Bad Wildbad im Schwarzwald

P.S. Everything worked properly, except we were not able to 'build' our awning because it was supposed to have some parts screwed on the caravan. And we discovered that after more than an hour of confused here and there, before I finally urged my husband to please ask somebody knowledgeable.

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