Monday, March 31, 2014

In danger of being a compulsive hoarder?

There was a time I almost ended up a compulsive hoarder.
I really thought I was just a compulsive shopper.
It started with checking out all the offers in e-bay. I would end up snatching up those last minute auctions that go for an euro each. There would be baby items, clothes, shoes, bags, toys, books, whatever article I think would be useful at that time, though I also considered things that might be of use someday. When in truth, it was only a game of winning and yes, greed, too.
Not only that, I would also browse through the local newspapers browsing flea marketschedules. I would drag my husband for an early visit and I would end up with knick-knacks that I would end up using for a time or not at all.
I also checked out the newspaper inserts for possible freebies coming from people who are moving houses or doing spring cleaning or just getting rid of things. I am glad now that I wasn’t able to convince my husband to drive me to pick up furniture pieces and boxes of mysterious ‘pretty’ things.
Of course, I would snap up bargains whenever I would end up in the shopping centers, too.

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