Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saturday Bargains

Nope, I didn't plan to buy anything that Saturday.

I only wanted to go to the public library to return the books I borrowed and maybe browse around the book sale they've set-up on the building's foyer while waiting for the girl's who are having their art lesson.

Why did I end up with a bag filled with bargain items and not those borrowed books I so promised myself?

A pair of blue-tassled leather shoes at 4.95 Euro (Normal price: 24.90 Euro). The price went down to   9.95 then 6.95 for a time, too.
A pair of shoes for only 4.95 Euro

A pair of olive green leggings that was originally selling at 9.95 Euro but I only paid 2.95 (it went selling for 4.95 for a time).
A pair of leggings for only 2.95 Euro.
Then there's that six pairs of earrings for the girls. One set (three pairs) for only 2 Euro, regular price was 4.95. I got another set of two pairs of earrings at a discounted price of One Euro, down from 2.50 Euro. And the surprise was that there's another 50% discount! I only paid 2 Euro for the whole set of earrings.

These cute earrings for only 2 Euro.

Then some Halloween decors caught my attention, too.

A wooden squirrel at One Euro, down from 4.99 Euro; two small cloth pumpkins at One Euro each instead of 4.99 Euro and two big cloth pumpkins at One Euro each instead of 5.99 Euro each.

Four sets of socks at 3.99 each set is on a special offer at buy four pay two. I paid 3.98 only for those socks!
Socks, socks, socks
My total savings for this Saturday bargains --- more than 60 Euro!

Some of the items I bought would be Easter surprises for my girls, and some of them, would be for Halloween :-)

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