Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY: From Old Jeans Into a Pet Bed

My husband told me Rikki needs a soft and comfortable bed which we could leave in our car's trunk when.

I already made one using an old bathrobe, but it was too thick for the trunk's space. Then came the idea of creating a pet bed from the ever reliable old jeans.

What did I use to make the bed as soft and comfortable, as per my husband's requirements? Check it out:

Rikki's jeans bed

old jeans
an old, thick winter jacket/sweater big enough for your dog
sturdy thread
(or your handy sewing machine)
a pair of scissors

How to create your own pet bed out of your old jeans:

- Patch and sew the old jeans together to create a sheet that when folded, could be big enough for your dog. Yes, that means you have to measure a bit, too. I used the length of  my palm to measure the size :-)

Next, fix the  padding (your old sweater/jacket, unwashed would be better as the dog would love your smell and therefore the new bed, too) by sewing parts of the jacket into the sheet made of jeans. Make sure the jacket is zipped up or buttoned up.
Afterwards, fold the sheet and sew the sides together.

Look at Rikki enjoying her new jeans bed.

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