Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunday Picnic and Garden Work

What a sunny Sunday!

Papa wanted to work in our mountain garden (enough weeds to pull, enough tree branches to trim, enough soil to dig) though and he wanted us to join him so he suggested a picnic.

IC bought the idea but MC stayed at home, refusing to skip her favorite TV show.

So off we go with a picnic blanket, some sandwiches and chips, dog treats and drinking water (for human and dog) in a big basket.

I dragged a blanket as I planned to just relax and read a book. IC brought a book and her diary plus a pen because she needs to update, according to her.

IC and Rikki found a warm, shady place
Upon arriving, we noticed that the garden next door was already occupied by a whole family already busy working! After exchanging greetings, Papa disappeared to work. I grabbed my book while IC and Rikki looked for the best place to spread the picnic blanket and immediately wanted to search the bag for food. Hmmmm....

Play, eat and work
Play, eat and work. IC and Rikki played roughly on the blanket first, then started munching on some chips, before ending up bored so they went to find Papa and give him a hand.

My intention was to relax. To read my book, enjoy the sunshine, relax.

Fun Sunday 
How did I end up with dirty hands, soiled jeans, and dusty shoes? Well, I just had to help.

I saw IC holding a spade bigger than her and trying very hard to dig. I saw my husband on his knees, fighting with weeds, along the area where we usually have our strawberry patch. I think they need my help, you know.

So I decided to be generous and provide them mommy power :-)

IC and I took turns digging the soil around our fruit-bearing trees. Sometimes I would pull the weeds, too. Not an easy task, but hey, a few weeks from now I am sure we would be rewarded with fruits already.

What about our dog, Rikki? Well, the family next door also had their dog with them. She simply danced around, ran around, barking sometimes, as if asking the other dog to play with her. That tired her out, too.

Anyway, IC made sure Rikki and her were taken cared of. Both of them would always go for a food and drink break. But they were generous enough to leave something for us.

It was fun and satisfying, this Sunday picnic and garden work.

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