Sunday, June 15, 2014

DIY: From Rice Sack and Old Shirts Into a No-Sew Foot Mat

Summer time and our inflatable pool is again ready for the girl's invasion.

No-sew foot mat for our inflatable pool
This time, we needed something to use as a foot mat. My husband wanted to buy something, but I told him to wait until I thought of something else.

Since we needed to buy a sack of rice, the idea of creating a foot mat out of the used sack. I admit, something out of my school project year ago prompted this concept, but I can't remember exactly what.

Materials needed to create a no-sew foot mat:
- rice sack
- old shirts
- a pair of scissors

a rice sack, some old shirts, a pair of scissors

What to do:
Make sure the rice sack if empty.
Cut the old shirts into strips, you decide the length and the width though I think thicker is better.

Fold the end of the sack and cut (as shown above),
before inserting a strip of cloth.
It is best to cut the sack per row's length first before inserting the strips of cloths.
Tie those strips up.
This is how the back of the sack would look like.
The no-sew foot map
Tip: You could make is as colorful as you want, you could make it thicker as you want. It's your choice. I made it a bit thinner because we wanted it to dry easily.

Our pool is ready!
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