Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our Garden Harvests

Our gardens in the backyard and the mountain are thriving, but not as much compared to last year.

The cherry trees in our mountain garden did not bear any fruits this year, while the raspberries and the strawberry patches didn't survive. There were not much red currants and the gooseberries, too. We are still waiting for the carrots, red beets, tomatoes and peas in our backyard. But we already harvested some zucchini and beans. And my husband sadly informed me that we might not get any squash nor cucumber nor cabbage this year.

So, might as well enjoy the fruit-bearing trees as much as we can!
The strawberry patch bearing fruits in our backyard last May 
The red currants in our mountain garden

Not much in May

Cherries in our backyard last May

Harvesting strawberries after a month

Peaches from our mountain garden

June red currant harvest

Yellow plums and blackberries this July
Waiting for the grapes
Pretty gooseberries
The apples are coming, too.