Monday, July 14, 2014

World Cup: Deutschland ist Weltmeister!

Germany 1 - 0 Argentina

Rikki's tribute to Germany's win

Germany wins World Cup after a beautiful goal by Mario Götze in extra-time!

IC came home last Friday telling me that their only homework is 'Daumendrücken' (to keep their fingers crossed) for Die Mannschaft. And yes, she confirmed they could come late on Monday (the game would be aired late in Germany because of the time difference).

MC's class, meanwhile, started sending e-mails and calling my husband (who is the head of the parent's school council) wanting to confirm if they are allowed to come later on Monday. My husband sent an e-mail to the principal who immediately responded. I seemed there's already a bulletin board notice since Thursday informing them that students could come late.

I admit, I have been nervous about the game since Saturday, while watching Netherlands and Brazil (Netherlands won and I really felt sorry for Brazil!).

A few hours before the World Cup championship game started, IC and I, decided to paint our nails using the German colors. MC did her nails afterwards.

An hour before the game began, MC and IC were ready; wearing their Deutschland t-shirts with German colors on their faces, not to mention their nails. Where was I? Trying to get busy because I simply cannot take the excitement (as usual).
Our game plan
And then the game's on. There's that offsite goal which almost broke my heart. Then, no scores until halftime. By then, I'm already a bundle of nerves so I decided to leave the 'game room.' I went to my bed and read. Before the second half started, IC told me we could cuddle in her bed as she wants to sleep. She said the game is boring and just to tell her the score when Germany wins. Wow, what a positive attitude :-)

I think I was already snoozing, especially since I haven't heard anything from our 'game room'. There's a kind of hush...

Then I heard my husband screaming and I know, Germany scored! Okay, it was only during the replay that I realized how beautifully executed was the pass and the goal itself.

Of course, there's still seven minutes left, but I stayed nervously, focused on the game, this time. I wouldn't want to miss anything at that time! In fact, I was up until 2 a.m., enjoying the celebration on television and in the internet.

Saw and heard fireworks and car honks/parade at that time, too!

MC removed the German flag she pasted in front of our television. She's bringing it to school. IC wore her German t-shirt to school. And I am will continue watching and checking internet updates about this World Cup finals!

Interesting analysis on the German team using science.

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