Wednesday, July 9, 2014

World Cup: Brazil 1 - 7 Germany

Who would have thought? My bet was 2-1.

The girls begged me to allow them to watch a teen movie with them before we focus on the World Cup game between Brazil and Germany.

I said yes. After all, I already told them they could watch the World Cup though it would start at 10 and might end around midnight. MC and IC's schools were a bit lenient, they could come to school the next morning a little late.

And so we plopped ourselves in the living room sofa. The girls already dressed up in their Deutschland shirts, complete with the face paintings of the German colors. Fifteen minutes before the actual game started, my husband came, asking us to change channels, 'the game would start in a few minutes!'

The girls and I decided to watch the teen flick in another room. And then a few minutes after, we heard my husband (who is normally a Formula 1 fan and is not a soccer/football enthusiast)
screaming so loud, followed by fireworks. Fireworks would mean a goal!

Yey! And after a few beats, I heard my husband screaming again. And again, and again, and again! The girls dashed to his side during the second goal but I lagged behind. I could only hear them screaming, doubled by the fireworks!

Okay, since we were cheering for the German team, the first goal was like "YAY!!"

The second one was "ok, let's get one more goal to be on the safe side."

The third was "this would be harder for Brazil to get even."

The fourth was like "is this possible?" The fifth goal was "more!!!", you know, just to check if they could deliver more and to be really, really sure. And the team got two more goals, too!

Sixth and seventh goals were already unbelievably amazing (no more words!).

During half-time, IC said she's tired and wanted to sleep. After bringing her to bed, she told me, "I think five goals are enough. Germany is the winner already. That means we won't have homework tomorrow!"

MC stayed until the end. She was a bit irritated that Brazil managed to score, complaining about the extra minutes. I told her it's a consolation goal for the beautiful people of Brazil.

And husband climbed in bed. MC slept. IC in dreamland for hours already. I stayed until 3 a.m., watching the analysis, reading the newsfeeds, leaving FB comments and savoring the goals over and over again. What a World Cup night! Germany is flawless!

Rikki stayed with me, after the noise of celebration, she found a place to finally take a snooze. Sunday would be another big day! Good luck, Germany!

Being German, the first goal was like "YESS!!!". The second one was "OK, now it's gonna be hard for Brazil to catch up.". The third was like "Is this possible?" and from then on it was just "Please let these guys at least score once, it's enough, really."
Our World Cup Mascot got bored during the game last night

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