Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY: From a School Felt Project into a Pillow Case

IC came home with all of her art and craft works from school last week. After all, the summer school break would be in a few days!

She brought home loads of artwork, but the first thing that caught my attention was this piece of felt project which she informed me was from their Religion class. They cut out religious figures and pasted them on a piece of felt.

IC told me that she would love to keep that particular piece. My suggestion to her -- why not turn it into a pillow case? My little girl immediately agreed and I started 'upcycling' with glee.

This is the Religion class project made from felt.

Since they only used paste to keep the cut-outs in place,
I decided to sew the tiny cut-out figures to make them more stable. 

Here's a favorite jacket that is already too small for the girls.
This will be used as a stuffing for the pillow case.
(I removed the buttons which I could use for other craft projects)

I folded the felt piece in half (wrong side up) and sew the
corners closed except one which I left open.

Almost done!

Let's add the stuffing...
Sew that corner close...
Voila! A mini throw pillow for IC to cuddle with.
IC loved her pillow. She loved it more because it was a project she enjoyed doing and now she could keep it close to her.

I still have other projects that I would like to convert into something else. As soon as I'm done, I would let you know!

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