Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gummibärenland (Gummi Bear Land Outlet Store) in Pforzheim

On our way back home from our campsite in the Black Forest last April, we saw this Gummibärenland Outlet Store along Pforzheim. Unfortunately, there's no chance to go back as we already have our caravan attached. No chance to find a parking area that would be big enough to fit our 'long vehicle.'

The solution? My husband promised the girls that we would definitely visit the place during our scheduled camping trip in the area. Everybody's happy to hear that, including me, of course!

Last June, we came back to the same campsite and got the chance to visit the Gummi Bear Land outlet store.

Admittedly, we were all overwhelmed upon entering the store. There's just too much to see, too much to touch, too much to smell and yes, too much to try!

The girls started running around the store asking a hundred times if they could put this or that or those into our shopping cart. My husband got the real jackpot though, he went straight into the tasting area. He was followed by the girls a few seconds after.

What about me? I decided to roam the untravelled path, meaning, that corner located at the left side of the entrance where the packages doesn't look like gummi bears :-D

Enjoy the photos!

Right beside the cashier's corner is this taste test wall.
You could try all the new flavors, the monthly special offers,
and the highly recommended items.
Just make sure to use those tongs to pick your choice or choices.
Okay, we returned more than a dozen times!
Gummi bears in all possible flavors and sometimes crazy, yummy!

This is the World Cup specials.

The extreme left would be the 'normal' flavors and the extreme
right, well, we got a pack of that raspberry flavor, too.

Specially packaged gummi bears

Assorted selections, some in mini packages

Photo taken from the back area facing the entrance.
You would notice the cashier's corner on the left side.

More gummi bears that seemed unfamiliar to us.
We got a package from the one on the right and we loved it!

This where I landed the first time, the Lindt chocolate corner.
These are chocolates that have slightly damaged packaging, therefore, cheap!

Huge plastic bags containing different types of Ritter Sport Chocolates...

...and the price for the Ritter Sport bag.

This is what we ended up buying! Kilos of
gummi bears and a pack of Lindt white chocolate with almonds and fruits.
I told the girls those gummi bears would have to last for two years :-) Though who am I to say something? I devoured that pack of Lindt chocolates within a month!

Check out their website here. You could buy online if you cannot come to any of the stores.

Gummi-Bären-Land Pforzheim
Wilferdinger Höhe
Karlsruher Str. 24a
75179 Pforzheim
Opening Hours:
Mo - Fr.: 9.00 - 19.00 Uhr
Sa: 10.00 - 18.00 Uhr

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