Friday, August 15, 2014

The 6th Weinheimer Tiermesse (Animal Fair)

The 6th Weinheimer Tiermesse (Animal Fair) was held in the same venue last year.

I urged my husband to go because I wanted our dog, Rikki, to get her favorite dried treats which we got there for a pretty reasonable price last year. Plus, we wanted to check out whatever they offer.

But unlike last year, there's an entrance fee of One Euro per person this time around :-( Anyway, you could win something if you'd join their quiz game (which we didn't as we didn't plan on staying for a long time).

What did we buy this time? Of course, Rikki's dried treats consisting of beef and pork ears, plus some fish and bones, too!

The dried treats corner was manned by a blind man

Accessories for pets are aplenty.

More dried treats for the doggies

More accessories for pets
What else got our attention? The collar tags where we waited for Rikki's name and our telephone number to be engraved on. The price was okay but the socializing while waiting for the tag to be finished was incredible for both our dog and her human companions.

There's loads of pet accessories and interesting activities going around but we couldn't stay longer. We might just stay longer next year, especially if they would collect entrance fees again :-)

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