Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pros and Cons of Owning a Cafe

Just a short post sharing some interesting things I learned for the last past two weeks since we took-over the SB-BackCafe'...

Pro: There's enough food, except..

Con:... I'll miss rice during meal time :-)

Pro: There's enough place to relax and surf and (maybe blog), except...

Got a short break to post in FB :-D
Con: I relegated myself to baking, cleaning and bussing... my choice, right?

My faithful companion: the mop.

All sort of items to bake!
Pro: There's no running out of sweets...

Con: There's no more running (skipping my usual jogs) because I am too lazy and yes, too tired after more than 12 hours of work per day (I promise this is only because we are on the early stages...)

Pro: Aside from having a motivated team, they are also creative:
We have new table decorations!
Con: Nothing, I just want you to see the new decor :-)
The old table centerpiece.
Pro: There's an outdoor garden to enjoy the sun.

Con: I could only devote at least 5 minutes a day ( I am not complaining, I am enjoying this thing, really) just that once I stayed 30 minutes out there and it was a breeze. I wish...

Pro: There's the customer service 'romance' with regular guests who are all lovely...
Con: There's those who forget that the cafe' is a self-service one, you know, memory... :-) Remember, me? I am the official cleaning lady :-D

Pro: The chance to experiment with presentation and flavor and texture...

Con: The chance to taste the experiment :-)

Food tasting time!

Pro: The chance to learn how to 'fold' salami, ham, cheese, etc. for sandwiches German style.

SB-BackCafe' sandwiches

Con: The chance to eat them, too :-) Ok, at least the last parts of this pros and cons list we could consider 'ehem' binge eating gourmet appreciation...

Pro: There's more than enough baked goods...
A basketful of left-over items I grabbed to take home today, sweets not included.
Cons: There's always left-overs which really affects me, I cannot handle throwing them all away. (For someone who knows what being hungry is all about, you would understand.) We usually give some free items to our customers an hour before closing time, aside from offering them at very low prices, but most of them would only take what's enough for them (which is also good). Aside from stuffing ourselves (our freezers) and our neighbors with the left-overs, our last resort? We bring the left-overs to an animal shelter or an animal park. We are really looking into an alternative. Any suggestions?

So there you go, the pros and cons! There could be more but I am already tired and there's the left-overs to enjoy :-D .. next time.

P.S. Actually, ignore me, this is just one way of trying to contain my excitement and prodding you to be excited for me, I am really enjoying this cafe' business. More!

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