Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just Believe

We have resurrected our tradition of celebrating Kids' Day, a special Sunday once a month, in which we ask the girls to decide and plan what we would do, where we would go, what we would eat; just about anything that they wanted to enjoy.

IC and MC agreed immediately for a picnic, in our garden in the mountain. After all, it was supposed to be a sunny weekend. Actually, I was surprised with their choice. It being so simple and something that we could always do even if its not a Kids Day.

Anyway, it's their choice. But wait a minute, the girls have pens and papers ready and were starting on a list for their 'simple picnic' the next day.
IC's list:
- piknik
- kuchen (cake)
- eis (ice cream)
- 4 kleine flachen flaschen (small bottles of water)
- chpilsaken spielsachen (toys)
- ein schtoftir stofftier (one stuff toy)
- birne (pear)
- mufin (muffin)
- papkorn (popcorn)
- korb (basket)
- deke decke (picnic blanket)
- buch (book)
- schlafsack (sleeping bag)
- kisen kissen (pillow)
- wasa flacken wasser flaschen (water bottles)
- malsaken mahlsachen (coloring books)

MC's list includes:
- karoten karotten (carrots)
- foto (camera)
- banane
- besteck (utensils)
- teller (plate)
- handtasche (bag)
- kiwi
- ananas (pineapple)
- himbeeren (berries)
- erdbeeren (strawberries)
- mathesachen (math books)
- käse (cheese)
- brot (bread)
- schokolade
- taschentücher (napkins)
- sahne (cream)
- hönig (honey)
- gummibärchen (gummi bears)

Alas, not so simple at all. I started baking a cake using a readymix variety. And I went to the grocery but didnt find everything on their list. Then around 9 pm, my husband said that Kids' Day might be too cold for a picnic after all!
The girls groaned but that didnt stop them. They started drawing the faces of a smiling sun on the pavement, on papers which they tacked on all windows and even wrote letters to the sun and pasted them in our doors.

'Liebe Sonne, du bist die Beste' (Dear Sun, you are the best)
'Liebe Sonne, bitte komm. Wir wollen Piknik machen.'. (Dear Sun, please come. We want to have a picnic.)

Early morning the next day, it was a little gray and windy. We wanted to postpone the picnic and just visit a farm party. Although disappointed, the girls drove with us; yet still insisting that the day would turn sunny.

And then, around noon, the sun shined! The girls urged us to go back home and bring our picnic items. Well, we did. Hurriedly I packed everything in a basket and we drove to a gliding field where we found a nice place to spread our blanket.

We had fun watching the gliders while enjoying our picnic. And what did the girls tell us? 'You know what mama, you told us to just believe and it would happen. And so we did, we believe that the sun would appear through our drawings and letters; and it did!'

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