Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hullahoop and O

I promised myself I would start jogging and my hullahoop exercises when the kids go back to school after their Easter break. My plan was to bring the girls to school and then jog back home.

Although MC refused to walk to school and passed by her classmate's house to ride with them; I started my first day of jogging. Back home after 30 minutes, I gulped a glass of water, turned on the TV to CNN and started my hullahoop exercises.
At first I thought I wasnt hearing right; nor am I reading the flash reports right. O is dead! Oh, I wanted to share the news to someone but my husband was out to bring IC to school so I decided to stop my hullahooping and concentrated on the news.
Then I got caught. The celebration. I wanted to see the people in New York and I wanted to see them in Washington. Then, I wanted to know more about what happened. The remote control cant keep up as I surf channels.
Then I realized, would the death of their leader keep the group still? Or would it unleash their anger? We just dont know, right? So, suddenly, I felt a little lost and a little insecure.

Here is what I know and have given me assurance, I prayed: To those who find release and closure in the news, to those who are confused on why people celebrate because of someone else's death, to those who would be angry because they have other beliefs, to those who are afraid of any future consequences, and to those who orchestrated what happened and to those who would be orchestrating something that would not benefit the greater of us all.

And I continued hullahooping while I watch the news and once in a while, whispered prayers, too.

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