Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I have marked the date; not only in our calendar but in my phone and in my palm: Friday, 29 April at 9 am; I am going to watch the royal wedding and nobody could stop me.

I thought I was hiding my excitement and the growing anticipation. But my husband know me too well. Apparently, he recognized my 'obsession' because early this morning; he woke me up and said, 'you might just miss the show!'

Well, it was already 8 am and the royal wedding TV coverage is supposed to start at 9 am! I laughed and thanked him before jumping out of bed to prepare our breakfast. I resisted turning on the television until we have finished our breakfast. The rules at home are: Nobody is allowed to watch the television before noon and nobody watches TV while eating!

My husband teased me about the show which got the girls interested. I explained to them that the prince is marrying her princess and they both asked, 'are they real prince and princess?' I nodded and they loudly confirmed they would join me.

My girls and I ended up glued in front of the television sighing and screaming with the crowd. What kept the girls interested were the lively crowds wearing costumes and those in tents; the musical bands; the clothes of the groom and his best man; the dresses and hats of the ladies and of course, the carriage ride and the kiss.

In between, they ended up on the floor play-acting a wedding.

Just after the crowd started dispersing and I finally turned off the television; I got invited to a royal wedding featuring Barbie and Ken. The girls wont allow this opportunity to pass. They would try to re-create the wedding and I am to prepare the food and drinks!

Anybody wants to play the crowd?

P.S. I see a very positive effect in watching this wedding with the girls as they became more interested to know more about countries with kings and queens. This is a chance to introduce geography using the royalties. You know what, we have started tonight and the girls are enjoying it! Of course, this is also a way to let them learn through current events.

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