Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, IC!

A pity that the Papa is not home on her birthday; but IC understand as she said, 'Papa needs to be repaired.'

Well, Papa is scheduled to undergo surgery and IC wants to know more about surgery or operation so I told her that it is just like being repaired so that everything would be working well again.

It is the first time that Papa would miss IC's birthday so our 7 year old girl is a little sad. But I told her that Papa helped me prepare everything for her birthday party and that there's already surprises from Papa waiting for her; which seemed to console her. After all, she would hear Papa on the phone. I distracted her musings by looking into her birthday check list.

What did she ask for this time?

She wanted a Hannah Montana birthday party! Therefore, we created an invitation card using cut outs from an old Hannah Montana magazine. (Good thing I thought of keeping that old mag!)

She wanted a birthday table from a local toy store so we drove there so she could select her favorite things for her invited playmates to choose as gifts for her.

She wanted a strawberry cake with loads of icing and choco pudding. Well, I dont know how to bake one so I simply bought a pre-baked pastry base and added the rest of the ingredients. Simple and easy and taste good, too.

She wanted small treasure boxes as gifts for her friends; we bought the plain ones which they would then turn into colorful ones using beads, glitters and paints as part of the birthday program. She picked all the sweets and agreed to have lasagna and baked potatoes served.

She wanted games such as pabitin which is the Philippine version of the pinata. This involves a lattice of bamboo sticks suspended in the air with string. The lattice is strung with small toys and sweets and is suspended in a way that it can be lowered and raised quickly. Children are to gather under the lattice as it is lowered to reach the party favors. We created our own using sturdy branches tied with sturdy strings and made it a little colorful.

She also wanted to play the German version of pinata which is topfschlagen wherein a sweet or a toy is hidden under a pot. The player would be blindfolded and given a wooden spoon. The pot would then be placed in a certain spot wherein the player would have to search for it with the help of the other kids giving shouting hints of 'HOT' when the pot is near or 'COLD' when the pot is far away. When the player's spoon hits the pot, then that kid earns the right to get the hidden gift.

Since it is a Hannah Montana party, IC wanted to sing, too. She has rehearsed 'You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home.' She said she would sing and she would ask her friends to dance around her. If possible, she wanted me to play Hannah Montana music during the party :-D

And for her schoolmates, there's cookies to be shared during recess.

'Oh Mama, dont forget that since it is my birthday; I am allowed to decide on everything. So please listen carefully whenever I talk to you, okay?,' said the birthday girl.

Happy 7th Birthday, dear IC!

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