Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Good Fríday

Back home in the Philippines, Good Friday is a strict religious event. The day would usually start with a procession of the peninents, followed by a church visit. The streets would be quiet, in most of the homes, too. All radio and all TV programs would be focused solely on religious themes and on the table would be seafood only. And my parents would usually prevent us from making any trips, short nor long. It is not a great day to travel on a Good Friday, they would say.

That was back home.

Our Good Friday in Germany? It started off with breakfast, without wurst nor cold cuts just the rest of the Easter boiled eggs with butter and bread. Then off we drove to a fishing farm in Odenwald to pick-up our pre-ordered trout which would be grilled for dinner.

The Forrelenhof Lenz is a popular place during Lent especially to those who loves to fish. On Good Fridays, it is always open and buzzing with activities. The girls enjoyed watching the hobby fishermen especially when there's a catch. They were not too enthusiastic seeing the fish being cleaned up; but it was always amazing for them how the fish were prepared to be smoked. There's a small restaurant where they serve homemade cakes and of course, the specialty of the house, trout and salmon trout. We specially love the salmon trout in beer dough.

After a delicious lunch, we packed our fish and passed by the historical Lindel water well for a short hike; treated the girls to an ice cream from their favorite Italian ice cream shop and decided to visit their aunt and uncle. Almost a full day trip, that's why upon arriving home, we decided to just be lazy in the garden while preparing our grill dinner.

After dinner, in our pajamas, we comfortably lounged in the terrace as the girls wanted to watch the falling stars. Well, the day was already a little adventure; that I was not surprised when I discovered I was alone when the falling stars appreared. My husband and the girls were already in dreamland.

A Good Friday, indeed.

But soon, I need to explain to the girls what Good Friday really means. After all, they understand what Easter is.


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