Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shame on me

The girls are allowed to stay a little late every Wednesday night because their school schedule allow them to sleep longer. They use this night to take a break although most of the times, they forget!

Last Wednesday, they didnt. Maybe because of adjusted summer time here in Europe. It is still too sunny for them to really find sleep. MC asked, 'Mama, Could we stay a little late tonight? It is Thursday tomorrow after all.'

Of course I said yes, and on the spot told her that they could watch the TV; anticipating the hot request. But I was wrong!

My girl balked with the idea of 'boring' TV watching and said, 'Mama, we didnt ask if we could watch the TV. My sister and I wanted to inform you that since we enjoyed playing together this afternoon, we wanted to prolong it. We plan to play some game, read to each other and then sleep together in one bed.'

Oops, shame on you, Mama! Dont you know that there are other enjoyable things to do than just watching TV? It is fun to learn with kids, right?

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