Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunny Easter

It is the first time in more than 50 years that the Easter weekend in Germany is sunny and more than 15 degrees warm.

Can you just imagine the small whisper of panic on what would happen to the chocolate eggs? My girls are already asking if the ants would reach their gifts and surprises; and if the chocolates would melt if they dont find them fast!

We told them the Easter Bunny would be very careful on where their surprises would be hidden to avoid the ants and the sun so they could sleep peacefully the night before. My husband and I took time to mow the lawn and clear the garden so that the girls could move around without any restrictions.

Easter Sunday came. My husband and I woke up at 6 am. Each of us holding bags of gifts and sweets, as we took turn in scattering chocolate eggs from the girls' bedrooms down to the garden where we hid their gifts. This is already a tradition; the girls would find an empty Easter basket beside their bed where they would follow and collect all the choco eggs until its time to search for their gifts.

They always thought that the choco eggs were left by the Easter Bunny to help them look for their gifts! They have kept that notion, although IC would always tease me, 'Mama, I know that you are the Easter Bunny!' And I would always respond with a laugh.

There was additional surprises waiting outside, though. When we opened the garden door, there were additional Choco bunnies waiting for them! I know they came from our neighbor so I asked the girls to ring the bell and bring some Easter surprises as a gesture of thanks.

Oh and as tradition goes, they wanted to visit Oma and Opa (Grandma and Grandpa) to look for their gifts, too. Although they are aware that Oma and Opa are both dead, they urged us to bring them in the cemetery as they dont want to miss their surprise as 'other kids might already found them.'

It is up to me to keep the tradition going. Good thing I always have small items and extra chocos. So I packed them in two separate Easter bags and kept them away in my big bag. Upon arriving in the cemetery, the girls took off to get some water for the plants; and I took the chance to strategically display the 'surprises'. Of course, they saw the bags of goodies right away and were happy. They took time in watering the plants and in the end, thanked their Oma and Opa for the gifts.

The day's been saved! Though IC nudged me on our way back home and said, 'Mama, next time please add more items in the bag.' :-D

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