Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nanay (Mother)

There are five of us. There's only one of you.
Two sons and three daughters. A mom.

There's not so much age difference between us siblings. During those growing up times, I know that our tailoring business was still thriving. You were sewing and helping Tatay (Father) manage the business the whole time. I am left in wonder on how you beautifully coped. That is why I dont have the right to complain, what with all the comforts we have now!

All five us us graduated in privates schools. You managed to sew and be a mom.
All five of us received our college degrees. Still, you and your machine continuous to sew. And you are still a mom.

All five us us experimented in the world. Still, you waited for us until the wee hours of the morning; sometimes behind your sewing machine.

Then, came your grandchildren. You welcomed them with new small things coming from your magical sewing machine. And you would continue to make them feel welcome as they grow; because you would be sewing bigger clothes for them, too.

Dont you know that my girls cannot wait to receive those home-sewn dress coming from you? Dont you know that it is a highlight for them when they would get doll clothes specifically created for their doll babies? Dont you know how much your sewing is being appreciated? But of course, it is just one way of letting you know that you are special. My girls would always boast that Nanay makes the best dresses of them all. I just wonder, dont you miss being called 'lola' (grandmother) at all? I remember that you have decided that your first grandchild would call you 'Nanay' because you were not yet of 'lola' age when they were born.

I hope you know how much we prayed for you when you suffered aneurysm in 2004. How strong you are. That even though aneurysm had already struck, and you were in the taxi on the way to the hospital, you are still worried about your youngest child! And you fought, how you fought. I still am in awe in how you did not even attend any of the therapies after the operation. I am sad that the reason you refused to undergo therapie was the fear that it would add more to the bills, but that is part of your practicality and your own brand of stubborness.

I am in awe of your steadfastness, your hardwork and your generous heart. I cant forget that you gave all of my clothes to charity, but it was only wishful thinking that I would be able to collect those again :-D

I admire your sense of humor and I cannot forget the smell and taste of your cooking. I remember those overseas calls while I was trying one of your recipes.

Thank you for letting us go to find our own ways; for letting us learn from our faults; for the words of comfort and for our belief. Thank you for feeding our body, our soul and our hearts.

Oh and thank you; that I inherited your beautiful skin. What a wonder to know that it was thanks to you that we dont have those marks of pregnancy in our belly. I still remember when you told me, 'dont you know why you dont have any stretchmarks on you despite having two kids? That is because I dont have stretchmarks, too, and I have five of you!' Well, being a little vain wont hurt, right? :-D

Nanay, you are the best!

Happy Mother's Day to my sister, to my sister-in-law, to my mother-in-law in heaven, to my blogger friends, to my non-blogger friends.

Special Mother's Day greetings to those moms who cannot biogically conceive yet gave their hearts to their special babies.

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