Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Mother's Day Memories

My gift wasnt a real surprise anymore, I was with my husband when he brought the flowers last Friday. But I had to act surprise because the girls didnt know that. They hide the flowers by posting a 'Mama, Do Not Enter' sign on their room doors.

And the night of Mother's Day, the girls stayed up late. I caught them around midnight still busy on their work tables. Good thing they didnt hear me.
Mother's Day. Around 8 am, I heard the little patter of feet going up to our room. My husband and I pretended to be asleep, the patter of feet left us alone. Then I heard drawers being opened followed by the clangs of the silverware and plates. My husband warned me not to do anything although both of us were wearing huge grins.
Then I heard them coming back so I closed my eyes. Only to open them again when I heard them shout 'Happy Mother's Day'! IC was holding a breakfast plate and a plastic bag on the other hand while MC was already giving me a glass of orange juice and was trying to hide something.

After receiving hugs from the girls, I ate my breakfast which consists of three pieces of cornflakes, a slice of cheese and a slice of pear :-D They apologized that there wasnt a slice of bread as they are afraid to use the bread cutter by themselves.
Then the surprises: IC opened her plastic bag first, revealing her Mother's Day card with a poem, a cut-out butterfly, a drawing and a gift certificate stating that she would do the following chores for me: make her own bed, hang the laundry, clear the table and clean her room! MC gave me a poem, a handmade heart cushion, a hello kitty figure and sang two songs for all of us. What was sweet was that she also made a poem for her Papa, wanting him not to feel left out!

Then I am asked to stay in bed, which I love; because they are supposed to prepare the real breakfast! After a few minutes, I was escorted in the kitchen where I received my flowers and a healthy meal.

We then drove to the countryside to buy fresh asparagus and freshly picked strawberries for our dinner. And passed by a cart race. You see, my husband, as a former car racer and a Formula One fan, still hopes that the girls would have an interest in motor sports! Actually the girls proudly display his trophies in their rooms!

Dinner was in the porch as it was a sunny day. Afterwards, IC ticked through my household chore gift certificate by clearing the table, doing her bed, and cleaning her room. MC cleaned her room, too, I am sure with the urging of her little sister.

Afterwards, we cuddled and hugged in bed before the girls took off to MC's room as they will sleep together to plan the next Mother's Day.

It is great to make memories on Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet of your kids. You are one blessed mother. I'm happy to note too that you are happily settled now...there.


raqgold said...

thanks, Ging. I found peace here.