Monday, January 9, 2012

Du stinkst! = You Smell!

MC arrived from school.

She marched straight into the kitchen where I was cooking lunch and said:

'Mama you know what, a girl told me that I smell,' MC said with a voice filled with surprise.

I looked to her little IC to signal her not to laugh; and I tried to catch my husband's eyes.

What did you do? We asked her. 'Nothing. I simply walked away,' she sighed.

She proceeded to explain that that particular girl might be angry with her because her friends shoved her during playtime at school.

'But I did not touch her at all,' insisted MC.

She added, 'Anyway, I ignored her because I don't care if she thinks I smell because I don't smell, right?'

I think my MC smells good. Real, real good.

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