Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walking to School on a Rainy Day does NOT Hurt

We know it would rain today. But should that stop the girls from walking to school? Of course not. Raindrops doesn't hurt at all.

The girls were dressed for the weather: warm and water-proof jackets with hoods, their school bags protected by waterproof covers.

When they left home, it was not raining at all. Then, a girl decided to join them in walking to school, bringing with her a big umbrella.

In the middle of their journey to school, it rained. They continued to walk. School is not too far away.

You'd think that's all? No. The mother of the girl (with the big umbrella) who walked with my girls decided to cruise around with her car and look for the girls. She saw the girls in the corner near the school and told the girls to jump into the car.

And she told MC, 'your father also have a car. Why don't he drive you to school in this rain?' MC just shrugged.

Of course, she informed us of what happened. My husband was irritated and wanted to confront that mom with these words, 'a few raindrops won't hurt your kid.'

I simply asked my girls, 'what do you think about walking to school in the rain?' Both agreed it is okay to walk to school.

Both agreed that it is fun walking to school. Why? Because they meet up with friends along the way. Because they discuss and exchange stories along the way. Because they usually see interesting things along the way (they usually see squirrels, moles, raccons, etc). Because the air is fresh out there. Because sometimes they sneak time to play, too. But most especially, because walking is healthy!

We don't understand the worries of walking to school in the rain. Unless of course, a child is too weak to walk. But even the weak needs to move, too, right?

We told the girls: as long as you keep safe, walk to school all you want -- rain or shine.


haze said...

That is a lazy attitude of the parent ! Naku, it's really fun to walk at school under the rain, and our kids should learn the hard way ;) di ba. Except if the rain is really strong but if it's just rainshower, it's a blessing ;) !

raqgold said...

rain is a blessing, tama ka dyan. i don't know but that mom is so overprotective that she wont even let her child decide for herself! what would happen if that girl finds her own voice?