Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why I am not buying that Monster High Bed for my girls

The first time I encountered the Monster High brand was when my girls and I visited a book store. MC grabbed a Monster High book while IC chose a Monster High friendship book.

I asked them if they really want those items. They said yes. I browsed the book, I checked the friendship book. It seemed ok, just a bit of  'monstery' words added which I guess is the reason the girls are interested. After all, books are there to expand our imagination, right?

Then they started asking me for Monster High dolls which they want for Christmas. They had to show me what they looked like. Of course, the dolls are as goulish as they are 'monsterific.' I said I had to think about it. (I did give in and bought them those couple dolls just because were they were on sale and just because they are dolls).

Then they dragged me to the Monster High accessories and proudly showed me the Monster High bed. A bed coffin? That shouldn't surprise me but it did. After all, the brand is about monsters, right? But...

I might be old fashioned in my view, but a coffin does not belong to a toy box of any child. Never mind if it's pink or could turn into anything cute!

'I will absolutely not buy that coffin bed for my girls!'

I explained my reason to the girls: 'Would you like to sleep on coffins?' And they said no. Well then, I told them, don't let your dolls sleep in coffins, too.

Plus, it is best to play with things that makes you feel good. Would a coffin, even if it's a toy, make you feel good? You tell me.

And no, I don't try to keep them from the realities of life. But come on, in most reality, you don't find a coffin as bed in most homes, right?


haze said...

Coffin as a toy is very morbid :( ! This will be a no for my kids! There are more interesting toys and ideas naman bakit coffin pa di ba ??

raqgold said...

I don't know what they are thinking about selling those coffin beds. A big booooo

Christianne said...

Ugh I hate those toys too.

raqgold said...

Christianne, weird toys!