Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY: From an Old T-Shirt into a Cool Box Cover

When it is warm, we always need lots and lots of water on hand during a drive - short or long. That is why we have a cooler (cool box) in the car.

And because our dog, Rikki, is also in the back where the cooler is; I wanted to create something to protect the box.
Thus,  the cool box cover.

Materials needed:
an old t-shirt
tape measure
at least 12 inches of garter
sewing machine (if handsewing, needles)
a pair of scissors

And let's start:

For the old t-shirt, I chose one that is a bit elastic, but not too elastic.

I measured the box, weight and lenght and thickness.

And measured the t-shirt, first I wanted to use the body of the t-shirt, but it was not enough.

I needed a bit more cloth so I cut-off the area near the collar.

I pinned the extra cloths, getting ready to sew the ends together, to achieve the right size.

Then I started sewing the edges.

Then I folded (at least two inches) the flaps on the top; placing garters on both sides.

I fixed the garters using pins.

Then I sewed the garters on both sides together, before sewing the top flaps closed.

Here's the cool box cover. But it looks too plain, right? Something is needed.

Using a sleeve of the T-shirt, I cut out enough cloth to create a pocket.

After sewing the pocket on, here's what the cool box cover looks like!

It was fun and easy to create! More DIY ideas, here.

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anney said...

Nice! Naging posh and cool box!