Friday, May 4, 2012

Stockbrot or Campfire bread

This is one of the best things during campfire! The stockbrot or campfire bread or twisted bread or stick bread. It is called those names are because the 'stockbrot' is twisted, is baked on a campfire and are usually placed on a stick.
the girls grilling their campfire breads (stockbrot)

The girls enjoy looking for the right piece of stick in the woods. My husband would then have to polish the chosen stick so that it would be ready for the 'stockbrot.' Normally, the kids use only one stick, which does not mean that they could only eat one bread. After polishing of one baked bread, they simply twist another dough for the next round, which makes eating it a real adventure.

1 kg of flour
500 ml hot water
1 teaspoon salt
2 packages of dry yeast (50 grams)


Mix all the ingredients, form into a dough and knead it well.
Place in a cool place between 5-6 hours. Then knead again.

Afterwards, form small a sausage-like shape, then twist it around the end of the stick, starting from the outside. Push the dough ends closer for the best result. Then place it over the campfire to bake. Don't forget to turn your stick regularly to have an evenly baked bread.

It is best baked/cooked over hot coal, so a campfire is the best place to enjoy it.
You need to be patient, though :-)
A 'stockbrot' is delicious combined with a marmalade or butter or cheese.

P.S. Just be careful in letting the kids in front of the campfire. They should know they need to keep distance -- not only for a well-baked bread but also for safety reasons.
Almost done!


julie said...

Better than hotdogs and marshmallows :-)

raqgold said...

julie, you know what, you are right!