Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden Time, Fun Time

The sun is shining. The weather is cool and fresh.

We drove to our mountain garden because it is time to cut/trim the trees and the vines, and maybe, dig out roots of some favorite shrubs to plant in our backyard.

Knowing my girls, I decided to bring a picnic basket and water bottles for each of us. Arriving a few minutes later, the girls grabbed the bread. We have not even started garden works. And we just finished breakfast!!!
My husband in the background trimming the vines,  and the girls munching

Anyway, laughing out loud, my husband decided to start trimming the grape vines while I took care of the girls, and the dog.
The fairy sticks
After cutting down some tree branches, the girls found a way to get busy. By creating their very own fairy sticks and decorating them with flowers picked around the garden.
Of course, climbing trees is always a part of the program.
It is always a paradise for the girls, being outdoors, especially in the mountain garden. They could do whatever they want because the garden is well-fenced. Oh well they know most of the 'dangerous' plants and shrubs, avoid poison ivy and what looks like beehives, skip away from thorny bushes, and they do shout for help if they think they won't be able to handle something alone or together.

And I would say, our dog, Rikki; is learning from the girls, too.
Picnic time with their Barbies
My practical girls tend to bring toys when we visit the garden. For those times when they needed to take a break. This time, they brought along their Barbie dolls.
Our dog, Rikki, needs a break, too; and found a nice spot under the cherry tree.

A wonderful bunch of flowers.
Well, while the girls and Rikki used some downtime; my husband and I used the time to concentrate on tree-trimming. It is  not easy cutting those branches if those three are running all over the place!!

After tackling the grape vines (unfortunately, some of the vines are already too dry to be saved); we moved on to the cherry and apple trees. Choosing carefully what branches to cut, carefully handling the new sprouts and of course, and dragging those fallen branches to a certain area to keep the pathways clear.

It was late afternoon when we decided to stop. It was another fun time in the garden.

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