Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter Sunday Photo Story

I slept a little late the night before because I wanted to finish the preparation for the Easter egg hunt and to pre-decorate the breakfast table.
The Easter Sunday breakfast table the night before
And I couldn't start doing anything until the girls are in bed, which this Saturday took a long time as they watched DSDS until 10 p.m. (DSDS is the equivalent of The American Idol in Germany). Added to that, the girls are too excited for Easter Sunday that they couldn't sleep right away!

I woke up early the next day with a long list of to do things: to feed the dog, hidethe eggs, place the gifts in the Easter nests created by the girls (we had to do the egg hunting inside the house because of the weather), prepare a light breakfast...

But this time, IC was already up, too. In fact, she asked permission to leave her room; which of course, is still verboten. (I specifically told them not to leave their rooms on that day unless I gave them a signal; you see, the Easter Bunny doesn't want to be seen!)

IC's breakfast treat specially prepared for the Easter Bunny.

In my list, the most important job this morning is to eat the Easter Bunny treat prepared by IC the night before. I also left a short thank you note from the Easter Bunny (see photo below).

The plate after the Easter Bunny ate the treats.
Afterwards, I hide the eggs. Usually, I just scatter those chocolate eggs around the house but because we now have a dog, I decided to put the sweets inside these plastic eggs.

Can you find the plastic egg?
And placed the gifts on the Easter nests.
The Easter egg nests were created by the girls using fresh hay which we got from the horse stall during their Vaulting lesson.
Then I prepared breakfast plus the last minute additions for our Easter Sunday breakfast table.

I baked those rabbit ears the day before.
Then it's time for the egg hunting. My husband and I also had to search for our gifts.
These are IC's loots.
My husband I got Easter love letters from the girls, too.
After breakfast, off to church.
After the mass, we were invited for the Easter breakfast prepared by the church; before the girls joined the egg hunting on the church grounds.
Then we drove to the castle grounds near our place to check out the Volunteer Youth Fire Brigade Easter Cafe and Cakes Bazaar.
And saw sheeps, rabbits and hares in the Easter lawn.
We walked to a nearby art school because MC is interested, and was pleasantly surprised that there are Easter treats for kids hanging on the front door.
Late lunch in our favorite Hotel Restaurant Watzenhof; in front of an open fireplace. Warm, comfortable and simpy delicious!
Another exciting surprise, while waiting for our lunch, three baby reindeers started running and playing in front of the restaurant lawn (Watzenhof is located near the woods).
IC enjoyed the warmth, Easter Sunday was unsually cold this year (or maybe she was not wearing the right clothes, my little fashionista chooses clothes because the outfit looks great.)
A delicious surprise, free desserts from our favorite restaurant. That's why we always come back!
Back home, it's time for the girls to play with their new toys.
I just have to add this: IC told us that Easter Sunday seems a little bit boring this time. It seems it was too short for her. Well, we reminded her; we are not in the Philippines anymore where she could spend the rest of the Easter Sunday strolling in a big mall. Plus, their grandparents (oma and opa) in Germany are both gone and their aunt and uncle are not available for a visit this time.


julie said...

Sure not boring for me.

Super nice place Keng, if you ask me, id rather live there than.. Never mind ;-)

raqgold said...

hi julie, i think the girls really missed those visits with the grandparents and other relatives. alam mo naman sa pinas, there are people all around; dito we need to get out of the house, to drive around to see people. especially now that we live a few steps near the woods :-)