Friday, April 13, 2012

Who Cares if my Birthday is Friday the 13th?

Yesterday, I realized that IC's birthday falls on Friday the 13th. Well, for me, there is a significance when the 13th of the month falls on a Friday just because of the superstitions attached to it. You know, like, it is not going to be a good day, something like that.

Although I don't really believe those nonsense now (though there was a time when I was younger that I skip going out just because I am threatened by what it symbolizes), I decided to throw the question to my girls: 'did you know that IC's birthday falls on a Friday the 13th?'

IC's answer was, 'of course it is Friday the 13th, otherwise it won't be my birthday! And it will always be a happy day!' Ten-year-old MC simply nodded and said nothing more.

Okay, okay. That's when I realized that I was the only one aware of the other significance of Friday the 13th. After thinking about it, I decided not to tell them.

What matters is that April 13 is IC's birthdate. No matter if it falls on a Friday, it would still be her birthday. And it would always be a happy day, so there!

Happy 8th birthday, dear IC!

Let me tell you what you were these past year:

You joined the Vaulting Club with your sister the end of last year and was included in the Vaulting Tournament this year! I am so proud of the two of you.

You were able to master inline-skating last summer in just a few minutes of being guided by your Papa. And that despite the fact that our streets are sloping and with very sharp curves!

You have inherited the big bike of you sister and is proudly showing off your biking skills, yes, you have conquered those slopes and curves; even in the woods!

You love books, you love going to the public library.

You are a DSDS fan. You love shopping. And can't resist those bling-blings...

You are still my fashionista. You continue to wear unmatched pair of socks just because you want to look good. You continue to wear those ratty and torn jeans just because you want to look good. You continue to wear nice outfits during vaulting lessons just because you want to look good (even though you would go home muddy and sandy; full of horse hairs and hay; and smelling of horse dung :-D).

Look at IC, wearing her outfit for the day: unmatched pair of socks, torn pants, etc.etc.

And because of having Rikki, you have overcome your fear of dogs!!! Just look at the picture below!

For your birthday dinner you wanted schnitzel (breaded pork) with spƤtzle (German noodle) and Papa's special sauce. For your birthday cake you asked for a Strawberry Cake. Of course, there's always the surprise breakfast.

And this year, you requested that your birthday celebration with friends be at the horse stall. We are doing that in a week's time. We know, you cannot wait anymore!

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anney said...

Buti naman at nagustuhan ng mga bata yung frozen banana bites! Happy belated birthday IC! Hope you'll have a lot of fun celebrating your birthday with your friends at the horse stall!