Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY: From an Old Pajama into a Dog Treats Blanket

I found this very, very old pajama in the back of our closet. I was ready to throw it in the thrash when our dog started grabbing it. That's when I got the idea of creating a dog treats blanket.

Materials needed:

an old pajama pair
a pair of scissors
sewing thread
sewing needle (or if you have one, use a sewing machine)

1. Use the pajama top as the main blanket. Simply cut the sleeves. Then make it more sturdy by sewing cross-stitches around it.

2. Cut out around around 5-8 square pieces from the pajama bottom to be used as pockets to hide the dog treats. Sew tightly the three edges of those square pieces around the blanket. To make it more challenging for the dog, sew them in different directions (do not sew them at once, create a pattern which would work for your blanket and your available pockets first). Leave the fourth edge open but not smoothly levelled, make sure that you create some wrinkles on the opening

Rikki loved this blanket. She got busy on this blanket for more than 15 minutes! We had to guide her a little the first time that she used it, afterwards, she handled it well.

I saw the link that gave me an idea here.

Some important notes:
Please do not leave your pets unsupervised during this game.
If you used pins while sewing this blanket, make sure you have removed them ALL, before giving it to your dog.
Do not expect this blanket to last a long time :-)


imomOnline said...

LOVE the idea! Ang galing mo naman! I hope I can summon enough sipag-ness and creativity to do this for Parker. hehe. Cute ni Rikki - so big na!

raqgold said...

hi imom, it took only 20 minutes to finish this project. and Rikki is still loving it. most of the homemade toys we created for her would be destroyed in a few minutes, but this blanket is still alive, yuhooo! Rikki is 27 kilos already!!

anney said...

Mukhang enjoy na enjoy nga si Rikki sa kanyang blanket! Great idea!