Monday, May 14, 2012

First Harvest: Mini Radish

Our backyard is giving rewards again. After weeks of tending the garden: weed pulling, planning and planting, and again weed pulling, and of course, regularly watering; we are being rewarded slowly but surely. And we are having fun, too.

The first harvest? A bunch of mini radish. And with that, we learned a very important lesson. It seemed that my husband planted the seeds very near each other. That's why the radish doesn't have enough room to grow. That is why we now have mini radish.

Oh well, he decided to plant a handful of seeds in another section of the garden. This time, making sure that he's used enough space in between seeds. After all, he is the radish-eater at home. The girls eat them sometimes, not me, though. I can't get used to it's peculiar taste.

My husband doesn't cook radish though. He simply washes them, cuts off the tip and the leaves; and use them as side dish. Sometimes, he adds slices of radish on our green salad, though.

We cannot wait for the next surprise harvests. The girls are looking forward to their special requests of spinach, carrots and tomatoes. And I am looking forward to the first bloom of my seifenkraut (roughly translated: herbal soap weeds). I wanted to start my organic soap project soon!
More to come in the next weeks: spinach, carrots, tomatoes, peas, beans, lettuce, strawberry, etc...

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