Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY: From an Old T-Shirt into Hairbands

This time, the girls requested for new hairbands. Why buy hairbands if we could make them at home?

I am used the t-shirt scraps from the cool box cover because of it's elastic quality and the girls love the color.

Materials needed:
an old t-shirt
tape measure
a pair of scissors

To do:

I used the left-over upper neck side, which I cut into stripes.

After measuring each of the girl's head; I started sewing ends together. You need three (3) long stripes because you have to braid them together.

Then I began the process of braiding. I used my knees to keep them fixed.

Though you could also use the sewing machine to keep it in place while you are braiding them. Then, sew both ends to fix the braid.

Then add a piece of garter, around 2 inches, and sew both ends into the braided cloth.

This is how your hair band would look like.

If you want to cover the garter, you need a piece of cloth. Sew the ends of the cloth.

Then wrap it around the area where the garter is.

Fold the cloth and sew both ends to cover the garter.

Here's your hairband now.

Another hairband variety (see left side of the photo) is simply to create a longer braid. Sew the garter in between and let the rest of the braid just hang.

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anney said...

Very cute! Tipid pa diba kesa bumili!