Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grocery Shopping at Langnese Fabrikverkauf (Factory Store)

Here is a place especially good to visit during summer time, Langnese Fabrikverkauf (Factory Store) in Heppenheim.

We always go there not only because of the variety of ice cream, but because they also sell an assortment of frozen meat, veggies and baked goodies that are cheaper than those found in the supermarket (even in the discount shops!).

Surprisingly, they also now have toiletries such as those from Dove (shampoos, lotion, etc.), perfumes, etc. Also included are chocolates, baking items, noodles, ready-to-bake cakes and cookies, ready-to-mix sauces, and whatever the new product specials are being offered in a particular week!

Yes, a good tip is to check the special offer in their website; especially if you are looking for a specific something. In our case, we love the ice cream and the pretzels and the frozen fish section!

Entrance to the Langnese Fabrikverkauf 
Tips to bring if you plan on visiting the Langnese Fabrikverkauf in Heppenheim:

- Check the special offer on their website and list down what you need
- Think of the drive there, and back, bring enough cool boxes and/or cool bags to keep your frozen grocery items from melting 
- Bring enough cash, they don't accept cards
- Bring your own bags (or you can use available cartons/boxes found near the check-out counter) 

You cannot miss the big sign in the corner
There is enough parking space in front of the store. The shopping carts are located in front of the store, too.
The store front 
If it's your first time to visit the store, you might want to check out all the nooks and crannies. There's always something to find that would be useful at home, promise. I do that especially if there's a big SALE tags on them.
Always a big hit: Assorted Magnum Ice Cream
Now, the highlight of our visit would always be the ice cream section! Especially the Magnum selections. I always make sure my favorites are in our bag: Magnum with Almond and Magnum White. My husband loves the Magnum Classic and those dark chocolate brands.
The big hit for kids: The choices of stick ice cream
The girls? Well, they love all the ice cream choices! Although it's as if they have no time to really choose, they'd be throwing boxes and boxes of ice cream in our cart until we would tell them to stop! And that's when they would start rummaging through their choices and would finally calm down to carefully select their favorites.

The must buy: big bags of frozen pretzels and more ice cream sorts
We also don't miss buying those big bags of pretzels and pretzel sticks; plus the fish sticks, the chicken nuggets, the pizzas...We used to stock up on frozen veggies but since we have enough fresh vegetables in our garden, we skipped them this time.
Our ikea bag is full
And here's the reason why I listed up those tips above, because we forgot to bring enough cool bags! Instead, we have to use these Ikea bags for these ice cream. Arrgh!

Good thing it was not a long drive, or else we would be having ice cream juices instead of ice cream sticks!
Our cool box is also full.
Upon arriving home, we alls jumped out of the car and started carrying the bags inside the house directly into the freezer! Whew, we made it! And as a reward, we each enjoyed our choice of ice cream :-)

Langnese Fabrikverauf is open from Monday to Friday at 9 - 19 p.m. And Saturdays at 9 at 14 pm. 


rossyjourney.blogspot.com said...

...how i wish i can go there..

rossyjourney.blogspot.com said...

..how i wish i can go there..

raqgold said...

hi, thanks for visiting! who knows, maybe someday you'd be here, too! everytime we shop there, i'll think of you, pwede na yun? :-)

rossyjourney.blogspot.com said...

..yeah sure!..at least someone will think of me there in Germany,lol..
..is it langnese the same with selecta in Philippines?..

raqgold said...

rossy, i think that's the same brand. we bought some boxes of magnum almonds and i thought of you :-)