Monday, September 10, 2012

MC's First Day in Middle School

Okay, okay. I don't really know if they call it middle school here in Germany. But see, MC is now in fifth grade. That means goodbye grade school!
MC's new school bag and her mini school cone, beside it, IC's super mini school cone :)
Leaving the fourth grade is a little bit complicated here in Germany. There are many kinds of middle school levels that are available for the fifth graders: the Haupschule, the Realschule/Werkrealschule and the Gymnasium. The school choices depend on the following: the school grades, the teacher's recommendations, the parent's agreement (in other German regions, the school grades automatically discerns the school's level), the kid's nod, and of course, the number of fifth grade applicants.

As for MC, she immediately chose to stay in the middle school nearby, where she graduated grade school. Although we did went around, visited various schools and attended school open houses. 'Well, it is near our house and I don't want to be commuting,' she finally admitted. Actually, I felt that she simply doesn't want to be facing new and strange places, in addition to new and strange classmates and teachers. (Remember that she had to change schools three times when she was in the third grade?)

MC joining the chess team during a school open house
Today is the first day of school. IC has to go to school earlier than MC; but despite that, she got a glimpse of her super mini school cone. I told her she could open her cone when both she and her sister arrived home later today. What is a school cone? This is a German tradition, done usually during the first day of school, primarily for first graders. The school cone is filled with surprises including sweets, toys and school supplies. My fifth grader, pleaded fo have a school cone, after all, it is also her first day in middle school :) Of course, her sister wants one, too.

My husband and I drove MC to school, to her first day in middle school My big girl, held my hand as we entered the school grounds; going to the gym where all the fifth graders are to assemble. After a short welcome remark from the school director, the students were asked to find their classmates. MC giving my husband and I, big a hug before walking to her group.

Holding hands
Oh well, that was that. MC seemed to breeze through this change into middle school. She is taking it all very calmly. After school, the girls arrived together. Excitely wanting to open their school cones. Needless to say, they love all the girlie bling-blings that I collected for them.

Super happy holding their school cones
One by one, while having lunch, the girls told me about their day. (My husband already left to work by then.) IC was a little sad that her bestfriend have to seat beside a new boy. It seemed that the new boy cannot speak German and IC's bestfriend is the only one who can speak the boy's language which is Russian. Otherwise, she finds it good mainly because their playground has a new play area.

MC, meanwhile, enjoyed her first day in middle school; despite not being able to find a chair beside her former fourth grade classmates. 'I found a chair in front of the class, which is okay, because I own the whole table which is supposed to be for two,' she shrugged.

They also got to choose their school buddy (from the 9th graders). She immediately singled on one girl. When they were asked to find their buddy, she was the first one to reach the girl. MC was real happy that she got her chosen buddy!

Oh, by the way, to prepare for their first day of school; we painted our nails last night. That meaningless but creative activity helped to calm the girls down, gave us time to talk about school expectations, discuss possible changes and yes, strange, new things.

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Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations on MC's first day in middle school. It's good to know that she is adjusting well.

Your girls are so sweet. It's nice to see how very close they are.

I love the idea of those school cones. It's a wonderful gift for school kids. I remember seeing huge cones on your blog before.