Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Story of the Girl Who Wants a Nintendo

Remember her?
The girl who has been pestering us to buy a Nintendo for her? 
The girl who has been begging to find a Nintendo under the Christmas tree for her?
The girl who has been pleading for a Nintendo birthday present?

Well, the last time she asked, we told her she could have a Nintendo only if she'd be able to pay for one herself. Meaning, she needs to save her allowance and all the gift money she would receive to be able to realize her dream of having a Nintendo. In fact, she did say she'd buy one when she's in high school. Well, MC started high school (middle school).She's in grade five already.

The best things is, she has enough money saved. She is ready for her Nintendo. And a few days ago, we went shopping, for her Nintendo.

Look what the girl who wanted a Nintendo ended up buying...

MC and her Nintendo altenative :-)
She grabbed a video camera!

And she's so happy with her choice, I have a funny feeling we have big sister (instead of big brother) in the house! She's been filming everybody since then.

By the way, when we went inside the shop, she didn't even bother to find out where the Nintendo items are. She saw the video camera area and didn't stop looking until she she found the ONE!

Asked why she didn't go for Nintendo? She said Nintendo is boring. 'I would be playing all alone, by myself.  A video camera is fun, everybody, even I, would be playing for me!'

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