Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Girls' Rock Climbing Camp

MC's first climb.
Our little adventurers are back! From a long list of available day camps for this summer school holiday, the girls chose the most challenging.

The first one was the rock climbing day camp. They do love to climb trees, but rock climbing is different!

MC got a slot, but IC didn't. But hey, we always go together. And this time, we came as a family because we wanted to watch MC and there's a hope that maybe, IC would get a chance to try out, too.

Then IC chose to wear a long dress. Given the chance, would she try out?

Here's the photo story:

As you can see, despite wearing a long dress, IC  grabbed the chance.  The trainer saw her looking so sad that he finally gave in, she's allowed to join! Yuhoooo! Her she is being fitted with the strap. 
We just arrived. I don't know what my girls expected but they didn't back out.
Unlike a kid who immediately left as soon as they saw the walls.

MC is the first girl to climb. She breezed through all the preparations. She immediately found the right pair of shoes, they are required to wear climbing shoes. Although it took time to find the right  body strap for her, she was ready and eager to start. And was up there like a breeze!

IC's first try, she was taking it slowly but surely.  But before that, I had to run to the car and find something to cover her shoulders because she's complaining that the straps are cutting into her. I asked her if she wanted to wait, I would have drove home to fetch a t-shirt and pants; but nope, she's determined to stay and climb! 

And in a few minutes, she's up then she's up there ringing the bell! No guts, no glory. Brave girl!

Going down was a bit difficult. She must let go of the rope and kick the wall. She was asked by the trainer to practice kicking the wall and to keep her hands in her back. That helped in her next climbs.

MC, meanwhile, found another challenge. The other side of the beginners wall, that means longer grabs and longer steps. Well, she wanted to try it so the trainer said, go!

People were cheering her. And in this difficult part of the climb, they were giving her instructions. It took her a long time, we really thought she'd give in. But nope, she persisted and was rewarded....

She finally reached the top! Wow, wonder girl! She was so proud, she was smiling all the way down.

Of course, IC would want to try this climb, too. Why not? Climb, my girl!

Unfortunately, her legs are shorter and her reach not enough. The thing is, she tried! She promised that next year, she'd be up there, too.

The girls had fun. And we are so proud of them.

By the way, the trainer informed us that it is usually the girls who excels in rock climbing. The boys use their hands to climb, which tire them easily. The girls are better, he said, because they use hands and legs to go up. And in this camp, it was true.

A pair of boys absolutely refused to climb; the rest of the boys tried once or twice and then decided the playground is more appealing. The girls, meanwhile, enjoyed the rock climbing. Going up and down, to their hearts' content.

How about our dog, Rikki? Well, she's invited to join the club because they needed a rescue dog :-)

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Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, that's quite a high wall. Congratulations to MC for conquering it and to IC for being brave enough to try it.