Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY: From an Old T-Shirt into a Grocery Bag

From an old t-shirt into a grocery bag
Something easy, something fun!

I decided to recyle after I realized we would have no time to shop to buy little something gifts because of IC's little accident last December.

I rummaged into my sewing box and found some old t-shirts that I already set aside for future DIY projects. Then I checked the internet for possible inspiration that goes with the motto: something easy, something fun.

Therefore, these grocery bags made from old t-shirts!

What you need:

old t-shirts
a pair of scissors
your sewing machine (or needles and thread)

the old t-shirt

Fold it 

Cut the sleeves

Cut the neckline

It would look like this

Turn it inside out
Sew the hemlines together

Your t-shirt is now a grocery bag!

You could add some accessories, too.
My girls chose a ribbon, well because, they are girls :-)
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