Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our New Year's Eve Rituals 2012

Presenting, our New Year's Eve rituals 2012!
The ever-present 12 or more round-shaped fruits to welcome the New Year,
actually a Philippine-tradition that we have been religiously doing.
In fact, the girls got involved with picking the fruits this year, and it made it more fun!

The Waldorf Salad using ingredients from our round-shaped fruits selection.
I used Greek joghurt and this year's walnuts which we collected from our walks in the woods (we still have more than enough!).
My husband loved it but the girls have to get used to it :-)

Second appetizer, smoked salmon trout with horseradish.
We love fish!

Raclette, a New Year's Eve must! On the left, the mixture of veggies and fruits, on the right, shows the meat selection.
There's also bread and butter.

The different table fireworks, the lucky pig and dice cubes made of marzipan for luck.
This year, the girls were the ones urging their Papa to start those table fireworks to get into the surprises inside.
Last year, they had to leave the room, not this time!

Getting ready for the New Year, wearing my dotted summer blouses.
They wore these blouses last year, and they didn't forget to rummage into my closet this year again.
Another Philippine tradition, dots mean coins :-)

Bleigiessen, a German tradition.
The end shape would display what the future would hold.
I ended up with a dolphin, which is equivalent to good life.

Cuddling together and watching the New Year's Eve party in Berlin on TV while waiting for midnight

Out for some fireworks!

IC can't take the noise and was afraid of all the rackets she saw falling from  the houses above us, she went inside.
And decided to make the dessert!
IC first dessert in 2013 -- cake ice cream with strawberry and cream.

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