Friday, January 25, 2013

One Snowy Saturday in the Woods

We have been enjoying a freezing temperature these past weeks.

It's white, all over. It's slippery all over :-)

It's not a normal occurrence in our area, so, we took advantage last weekend. We dragged the kids out of the house (they don't want to go out, it's too cold!) for fresh air and for some adventure in the snow.

That's Rikki, enjoying the scenery, all white :-)

Dressed-up as warm as possible, we started our snowy adventure.

Leaving the road after fifteen minutes of walking,
we are now entering the woods and following the tracks of blood...

My husband told the girls the tracks of blood could be from a
wild animal shot and killed by the forest ranger the night before.

IC's collecting snow balls along the way.

And I didn't notice that she was eating those snow balls along the way, too!
As for MC, that's the way she takes a break during our walk.

Look at that, a jump shot before we enter the bigger jungle :-)

Ooops, this time, I was too late.

A running shot?

Trying out the forest ranger's high chair.

The view is better up here, Mama!

IC just wants to stay up there, sitting :-)

She's already walking on her knees, saying she's tired when
in fact she's waiting for me to declare a break
so that I could show them my what goodies I packed for the trip.

MC is running now, because I was aiming a snow ball at her!

She refuses to move, just because another snow ball has her name on it :-)

What are they doing? Sharing some sweets secretly.

Break time! Been walking for more than an hour.

But wait, there's the tower, let's continue walking until we reach the tower then we can have our real break.

Walking, walking...
Whew, that's going to be a climb!

The tower

Up there

Down there

The small stairs, the small slippery steps...

MC can't get enough.

That's the view from up there.

There, they are taking a break.

Rikki, too.

More break.

My chance to take a break.

Had enough of walking? Try rolling down the hills.

Is that the Gingerbread house, Mama? Nope, that's a forest ranger's house.

Look, there's still water flowing despite the cold.

As I've said, enough of walking, time to roll.

Look at them, they have their sleds! But the girls are tired and hungry, time to go home.

On the road back home, after almost three hours in the woods.
What's needed for a snowy adventure in the woods? good mood, warm clothes and all accessories (gloves, booties, etc.), backpack filled with sweets and a thermos of something hot to drink, simple games (snow ball throwing, find an animal, can you do this, can you walk like this etc), warm bath and huge portions of food afterwards!

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