Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Harvest: Lamb's Lettuce and Spinach

Who would have thought that we would still be harvesting this very, very cold winter?

Our last garden harvest was in November and that's when we planted our lamb's lettuce, the first attempt.

It is now January, one of the coldest winter ever, and we are happy that our lamb's lettuce are growing!

We even found a nice surprise, seeing that our spinach were also thriving, we didn't expect that.
Lamb's Lettuce Salad with Boiled Eggs 
During our first lamb's lettuce harvest, it was only my husband who braved the slippery steps going down to the lettuce patch. He went back a few minutes, bringing a bunch of leaves. He had to ask me if he was harvesting the right area because the lamb's lettuce were bigger that those we get from the market. He thought he was picking weeds!

Funny, because he was the hobby garderner, the professional gardener in my eye. This time, he was asking me? After examining the leaves, I told him that yes, we have lamb's lettuce and they looked so crunchy I tried a leaf. Hmmm, fresh and it seems for me, healthier, maybe because it comes from our garden.

My husband managed to fill three baskets of lamb lettuce, we had to get as much as we could store in our ref because the weather forecast the next day is snow. The next harvest would take weeks.

There's also a plastic bag of spinach, which I immediately placed in the freezer.

We enjoyed our lamb's lettuce. We served it almost every meal.

Always with vinaigrette sauce, sometimes with boiled egg pieces, sometimes with bacon flakes, sometimes with my homemade dried tomatoes, sometimes with nuts, sometimes with cooked/smoked ham, sometimes with fruits, etc...
Our garden, the day after we harvested our lamb's lettuce and spinach.
Even our dog's eating lamb's lettuce.

The girls have discovered that lamb's lettuce is their favorite kind of leafy thing now.

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