Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013 in Photos

Sharing our Easter photos, enjoy!
As tradition goes in Germany, we decorated our bushes with eggs, ready to celebrate Easter.

The garden is also decorated with eggs. The girls worked hard :-)

For this Easter branches covered with eggs inside the house, we have to thank my husband.

IC joined the Palm Sunday celebration for the first time, bringing along her palm leaves/branch that she created with the help of her Papa. Together with other future participants of the First Communion celebration this April, they walked around the church for a short procession.

Back home, both girls and their Papa, started coloring eggs -- an Easter tradition in our family. My role is to take pictures :-)

Because I am still waiting for the clean bill of health after my hospitalization a few weeks ago, I thought we could skip our usual Easter Sunday spread as my movement is still limited, but the girls protested. Good thing I have some frozen cookie dough which the girls used to form these bunny ears which graced their tea cups for breakfast.
Another request from the girls, breakfast muffins. For this, we used ready-to-mix joghurt cake mixture, added some blueberries and slices of pears, topped with Easter chocolates.

Before partaking of our Easter Sunday brunch, the girls began with egg hunting as our dog started treats hunting. Since it snowed a bit early morning, the Easter bunny kept the search area limited but despite that, they enjoyed the hunt and loved the surprises they found.

I had planned to bake the traditional lamb cake this year. Skipping that, my husband was lucky enough to grab two cake lambs from a nearby bakery.

This is IC's breakfast plate. She loves fish, especially smoked salmon.
(Ooops, one bunny ear is off :-D)

This is MC's breakfast plate. She is a meat lover and prefers blood sausages.

A recycled table decor...

Our Easter Sunday breakfast brunch, a celebration. Christ has risen! Rejoice.

Our Easter Sunday dinner started with Pancit Canton, a Filipino food special. I closely supervised my husband while cooking this dish. He almost forgot the noodles!!! But it turned out perfect.

Our Easter Sunday main dish cooked by my husband: Lamb Casserole with homemade french fries and cucumber salad.  Actually, we ordered Lamb filled with Goat Cheese and Spices from our meat shop, but when we opened the package, we got this chunk of lamb. We wondered, did another family enjoy our supposedly lamb dinner? We would know on Tuesday.

Our dessert: Chocolate Ice Cream with Strawberry Joghurt, Easter chocolates, Easter Cookie Crumbs, Fresh Strawberries and Whipped Cream.

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