Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday, IC!

IC turns nine today.
Happy 9th Birthday, dear IC!

Last year, it fell on Friday the 13th, and she said, "who cares if my birthday is Friday the 13th?"

She doesn't need me now when it's time to dress up for her Halloween and Carnival costumes. But she still wants me to approve and tell her that she looks great.

And how surprised I was that, Pippi Longstockings remained a favorite character!

She enjoyed and resolutely joined the rock climbing training, despite wearing a long dress! She got nervous during her first Vaulting Tournament yet refused to ask help jumping down from the tall horse.

She discovered the excitement and patience of being a fan and was rewarded -- she got to watch a concert from her biggest idol, too. She also got to meet and greet, and receive an autograph from her idol. She waited patiently, too!

She still love experimenting with Mama in the kitchen, in fact, she cooked a Stuffed/Rolled Meat for the family one time. There's the traditional Christmas baking and Easter egg coloring that she eagerly awaits yearly.

She proudly rides her bike, proudly goes inline skating (despite living in the mountains!!!) proudly jumps in the water to swim. Now, those walks in the woods are always a challenge for her. She would tend to ask for a reward before even stepping into her walking boots, just like Rikki!

She loves reading. In fact, she could stay and linger in the library or in a bookstore for hours without being bored.

There are times, she's also figure conscious. But I always tell her, she could still enjoy good food as she's always an active girl. She loves shopping. Indeed, she's my little fashionista. Let me tell you, I really listen to her when she gives advices about my outfits :-)

She loves colors on her nails. She refuses to cut her long hair.

And yes, a few days before her 9th birthday, she calmly informed us, over dinner,  about her plans to get pierced in her mouth when she is older. My answer? I told her that she better enjoy all the good food because after the piercing, she might not have the chance to enjoy all the best food!

IC also celebrated her First Communion a week before her birthday. It took us visits to more than a dozen malls and shop before she could find the 'right' dress; and then more than a dozen of malls and shops to find the 'right' pair of shoes. (Good thing I found the 'right' jacket when I was alone shopping, or else we would not be done with IC's 'perfect' First Communion outfit.)

She's waiting for a text message or a phone call, too. Because she finally received her very own mobile phone (a Nokia 1661 -- the classic model)! Yuhooo...

IC still leaves letters for the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus/ St. Nicolas, Christkind and of course, to her dear Mama, dear Papa, and dear sister. I encourage her to continue sending her love letters by leaving 'secret' notes around her bedroom. Of course, she also loves writing letters to her friends!

Oh, she's still gets tantrum sometimes when her homeworks are challenging. She accepts the consequences when she knows that she didn't work hard for something.

IC is still as sweet as ever, yet as tough as ever. She knows what she wants. If she really, really wanted sometimes, she works hard to get it (or charms her way to get it or writes and draws her way to get it!)

She's a creative girl. She loves to talk. She loves to play.

And she's the one who left me a note stating: "Mama, why can't you not work when my sister and I are in school so that when we come home, we would have all your attention?"

Dear IC, happy birthday. Just to grant your request, I created for the very first time, a chocolate cake, I hope you'll love it!

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