Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Pet Displays Balance and Control

And I am proud to let you know that it is my nine-year-old IC who patiently taught Rikki this trick displaying balance and control.

Who would have thought IC and Rikki would both have the patience to actually make this trick a success?

I always tell the girls to make time to play, feed or practice some tricks with Rikki. Sometimes they have loads of excuses but when they do make time, we would see the result :-)

First with a slice of apple 
Then a piece of Turkish bread

One fine day, IC decided she have the time and the optimism, thus, she started teaching Rikki the trick. After a few minutes and a pack of treats, they came running to me (yes, my daughter and the dog) showing off what they mastered.
Come on, how much longer?
At first they had to grapple with their rhythm, but once they got into the fun of it, everything went smoothly. I enjoyed the pride that shined through IC when they completed the trick in front of me. I enjoyed the happiness that shined through Rikki for the attention given to him.
How about a thin slice of strawberry?
The result? A happy dog and a proud little girl.

We are proud of both of them!
Easy, right?

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