Friday, May 3, 2013

Grow your own mini garden

Our herb and spices corner garden
When we were young, we had a big backyard garden full of fruit-bearing trees, sugar canes, and vegetables patches including squash, ampalaya, and eggplant. The canal by an old well grew a healthy shrubbery of kangkong and talbos ng kamote. Sometimes, when we dug holes when playing  marbles, we would come up with clumps of sweet potatoes.
The fruit-bearing trees were the main focus of our playtime. For our bahay-bahayan, we would grab the fruits as snacks and declare their thick branches our home. If we we were feeling a bit adventurous, we would make a cauldron of spices using all the flowers, veggies and weeds that we could pick all around us. For us, the garden is just a playground.
Looking back, I realized how lucky we were to have that garden. It was not only because we had a big place to roam around but we also saved a lot of money as we used the spices, veggies and fruits we could get from our garden. Once, a cousin and I even bunched a few kangkong stems  together and sold them in the palengke near our place for extra income!
Now, a big backyard is not the most important requirement if you are interested to start a garden of your own. For a mini garden, all you need is patience, time and of course, a little space!

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