Saturday, May 4, 2013

Garden Time

We can't wait for the red currants!
After a long winter, we just couldn't wait to embrace spring time even though it would mean more work in the garden!

I didn't say more work for me though. It was my husband who got busy dragging the old tree branches into our corner pile, separating them according to their sizes. They would go into our homemade swing grill later.

His next work was to create a better stone wall for our portable pool. That stone wall would also be used as our herb and spices area. IC wanted him to plant flowers in that area, but I insisted on the herbs and spices because I am practical.

Then he also started pulling the weeds, replanting the strawberries, harvesting the rest of the lamb's lettuce, and planting a new lawn.

I helped him, too. I created a check-list of our 'must-plant' items such as tomatoes, spinach, squash, red beets, etc.; 'could' have items such as cabbage, pepperoni, etc. and searched for the seeds that we kept dry in our storage.

After more than a week of garden work, my husband planted the available seeds we have at home, before we both headed off to the nearest store to buy seeds according to our check-list.

Mind you, despite having our list, it took us sometime to find what we are looking for. There are just too many variety to choose from, in the end, we went for those with the right price: those affordable :-)

You won't believe how expensive the other seeds are! Good thing we managed to save the seeds of some plants from last year.
Herbs and Spices Corner

I also checked our packs of frozen, dried and preserved veggies, herbs/spices and fruits from last year's harvest. We still have a big bottle of dried tomatoes, a small can of mixed dried herbs and spices, a big plastic bag of frozen spinach, around six boxes of frozen yellow plums, a box of frozen blueberry, and a box of frozen string beans. I should use them to make space for the fresh items!

There's another week of cold and rain, but starting this weekend, the weather forecast is dry! We can't wait to start planting the rest of the seeds.

We can't wait to assemble our portable pool. We can't wait to start the barbecue season (although we already used our electric grill last week to enjoy the first sunny day after the long winter!). We can't wait to just stay outdoors and enjoy the sun.

Of course, we can't wait for our first garden harvest. What would it be this time?


Gidge Uriza said...

Now I just want to get outside and clean up my overgrown shrubberies and plant some things!

raqgold said...

hi gidge, it's not easy to start but when you see the fruits of your labor, it'll be an amazing feeling. i know because i am a newbie hobby gardener. :-) thanks for passing by.